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Evaporative Condenser

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  • SWL Crossflow Evaporative Condenser The evaporative condenser combines the features of traditional condenser, cooling tower, circulating water pump, basin and connected pipes together, so it eliminates the need for the above devices, contributing to small floor space and low investment.
    The bottom of the collecting basin is tilted towards pollutant discharge exit, and the PVC padding heat exchange layer is suspending.
  • SWLN Counterflow Evaporative Condenser Our evaporative condensers are easy to transport and install as a result of their standard module transportation and on-site installation.
    In addition to high-quality bearings, fans and water pumps have no other wearing parts. Fans adopt direct connection structure and remove rotational losses brought by pulley structure.
    Because of its unique structure, our evaporative condenser offers high thermal ...

Evaporative Condenser

Wanxiang is a professional evaporative condenser manufacturer in China. We offer evaporative condenser, closed circuit cooling tower, thermosiphon dry-mode evaporator, and air separator, among others.

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