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Mixed Flow Cooling Tower

1. Principle of Work
Developed on the basis of internationally advanced heat-exchange technology, SMF closed circuit cooling tower is a piece of highly efficient heat exchange equipment.
The working fluid is flowing inside the coils, which are enwrapped by spray water on the outside. The heat of water is transferred by coils and becomes the saturated vapor when meets the water and air. The heat is exhausted out of the cooling tower by the fan, and water is collected back to the bottom tank. The spray water is cooled down via PVC radiation fin during the circulation process and flows in the same direction with the fresh wind. The coil mainly takes sensible heat travel style. This is especially suitable for cooling high temperature fluid.
(1). The cooled circulating water helps increase the temperature difference between the water and the warm process fluid, which results in a smaller coil heat exchange size, fewer coil connections, and thus reduced weight. This feature further reduces the tendency to form scale on the coil since cooler water offers higher solubility for scaling.
(2). Parallel air and water paths minimize scale-producing dry spots that may be found on the bottom of tubes in conventional cooling towers.
(3). The coil section of the closed circuit cooling tower dissipates heat through both evaporative cooling using the fresh air stream and, more significantly through sensible heat cooling using the pre-cooled circulating spray water. Reducing evaporative cooling from coils helps to minimize the possibility of forming scale on the coil surface.
(4). The circulating spray water falls from the coil to PVC heat exchange padding where it is cooled by second fresh air stream using both evaporative and sensible heat transfer processes.
(5). Water is pumped over the evaporative coil surface area at 6.8l/m2 to ensure continuous wetting of the primary heat transfer surface which enhances heat transfer efficiency and minimizes fouling and scale formation.

2. Parameters of Mixed Flow Cooling Tower

Model Nominal flow rate (m³/h) Fan power (kw) Air flow (m³/h) Water pump power (kw) Spray water (m³/h) Pipe-connecting size (mm) Approx. weight (kg) Dimensions L×W×H(mm)
Shipping Operating
SMF-30 38 4 60000 1.5 45 65 (2) 2950 3880 1850×2410×4225
SMF-40 46 5.5 65000 1.5 45 80 (2) 3150 4290 1850×2410×4225
SMF-50 55 5.5 75000 1.5 45 80 (2) 3680 5100 1950×3030×4265
SMF-60 67 7.5 75000 2.2 65 100 (2) 3850 5500 1950×3030×4265
SMF-70 75 4(2) 60000 (2) 2.2 65 100 (2) 4950 7980 3590×2410×4225
SMF-80 96 5.5(2) 65000 (2) 3 95 125 (2) 5280 8250 3590×2410×4225
SMF-100 109 5.5(2) 72000 (2) 3 95 125 (2) 5580 8900 3790×2610×4965
SMF-125 135 7.5(2) 75000 (2) 4 125 150 (2) 5750 9100 3790×2610×4965
SMF-150 156 7.5(2) 87000 (2) 4 125 150 (2) 6550 9850 3790×3030×4965
SMF-175 182 5.5(3) 65000 (3) 5.5 165 175 (2) 6890 10900 5330×2410×4825
SMF-200 211 7.5(3) 75000 (3) 5.5 165 175 (2) 7350 11200 5330×2410×4825
SMF-250 260 7.5(3) 87000 (3) 7.5 210 200 (2) 8860 12100 5630×2610×4965
SMF-300 315 11(3) 125000 (3) 7.5 210 175 (4) 10600 14100 6000×3200×4965
SMF-350 359 7.5(4) 100000 (4) 5.5 (2) 165 (2) 175 (4) 12500 17800 8050×3200×4965
SMF-400 412 11(4) 125000 (4) 5.5 (3) 165 (2) 175 (4) 13900 19900 8050×3500×4965
SMF-500 522 7.5(6) 87000 (6) 7.5 (2) 210 (2) 200 (4) 16900 23900 5630×5250×4965

3. Advantages
The closed circuit cooling tower provides many operational and maintenance benefits to the user by keeping the process fluid in a clean, closed loop.
(1). Protect process fluids from contamination.
(2). Maximize system efficiency by reducing fouling.
(3). Reduce system energy costs.
(4). Reduce system maintenance costs.
(5). Provide reliable, efficient, year-round operation.
As a result, our SMF closed circuit cooling tower is a product of choice for users.

4. Engineering Considerations
Location Requirement

SMF closed circuit cooling tower must have an adequate supply of fresh air to all air inlets. When units are located adjacent to building walls or in enclosures, care must be taken to ensure that the warm, saturated discharge air is not deflected and drawn back to the air inlets.
For detailed recommendations on Wan Xiang closed circuit cooling tower layout, please contact us our technical department.

Think about the Compatibility of Fluid
The fluid to be cooled must be compatible with the coil material. Fluids not compatible with coil materials can lead to coil corrosion and failure. Certain fluids may require occasional pressure cleaning or mechanical cleaning of the inside of coil. In such cases, the coil must be designed to provide this capability.

Piping and Valves
Piping size and installation must be in accordance with good piping criterion. All piping should be supported by pipe hangers or other supports, not by the closed circuit cooling tower. External shut off valves may also be required if the system design necessitates the isolation of individual tower cells.

Capacity Control
In general seasons, the performance of most closed circuit cooling tower will vary due to the change of its environmental wet bulb temperature. Therefore, when the change of environmental temperature leads to the difference of liquid temperature, in this case, capacity control will be required.
Fan periodicity operation is the simplest method of capacity control for our closed circuit cooling towers, normally used in multi fan unit system or multi cell unit system. In some circumstances of low requirement on outlet water temperature control, fan periodicity operation can meet with temperature control requirement, and also, is easy to handle. Using two-speed fan can provide substantial energy savings when compared to simple fan periodicity operation.
How to Prevent the Closed Circuit Cooling Towers from Freezing? (Very Important)

Protection against Coil Freezing
At below freezing ambient temperatures, the closed circuit cooling tower can experience heat loss even when the circulating spray water pump and fans are not operating. Without a heat load on the circulating fluid, coil freezing can occur even at full flow. Protective measures are readily available to avoid potential freezing problems. Where the system will permit, the best protection against coil freezing is the use of an anti-freeze solution. When this is not possible, the system must be designed to meet the following conditions: Maintain a heat load on the circulating fluid so that the temperature of the fluid leaving the coil will not fall below7℃.

Attached: Mixture Ratio of Antifreeze Liquid (For example glycol)

Glycol (wt %) 0 10 20 30 40 50 58 80 90
Freezing point (℃) -0.0 -3.5 -8 -15 -24 -36 -48 -47 -29

5. High Quality Parts
(1) Imported Galvanized Steel Sheet
The shell of the cooling tower uses imported galvanized steel sheet, which offers great corrosion resistance, heat resistance and aesthetic appearance. In addition, the galvanized steel sheet lasts 3-6 times longer than ordinary galvanized plates.

(2) Electronic Scaling Apparatus
The enclosed circuit cooling tower is equipped with advanced electronic scaling apparatus, which can do antiscale, contaminant separation, sterilization and algae removal through the use of electronic pulse technique. The only thing you need to do is Connect 220V power, and then it will deal with the recycled water, which effectively prevents the formation of dirt on both coil walls and padding.
(3) Circulating Water Pump
The circulating water pump uses quality mechanical seal that is not restricted by the direction of rotation. It offers long lifetime, no leakage, low power, high flow rate, low noise, and other advantages.
(4) Propeller Fan
The ventilation system uses a special propeller fan with aluminum alloy blade, featuring front tipping blades, streamlined entrance wind-cone, nor-pulley driven structural design and totally enclosed self-cooled motor with low noise. It has such advantages as light weight, small size, good starting performance, reliable operation and high durability.
(5) Heat Exchange Coils
The forward flow type coils are made of high-quality steel pipes; counter flow type coils are made of quality elliptical steel pipes. The design pressure is 2.0MPa. In order to ensure 100% qualified welding quality, 2.0MPa airproof tests are conducted at coil-shaping stage and assembly stage, and the whole pipe bundle has undergone a hot-dip galvanizing treatment.
(6) Water Dispatching System
The cooling water spray system uses high-flow-rate and ant-clogging basket type nozzle to ensure water can be continuously sprayed on the components of the coil. Under the help of induced air, water can thoroughly cover all the coils to facilitate the complete heat exchange among water, air and refrigerant. In this case, heat transfer efficiency will increase dramatically. The nozzle is connected on spray pipe branch, which can be easily removed for convenient cleaning.
(7) Dismountable Water Dehydrator
The dehydrator of the cooling tower is made of corrosion resistant PVC material. The special structure can get rid of the humid air moisture coming out from the coil pipe by means of changing the air current 3 times, making the water leakage rate as low as 0.001%. It is very convenient to disconnect the dehydrator when we do the cleaning.
(8) PVC Padding Heat Exchange Layer
SMF closed circuit cooling towers adopt PVC honeycomb type padding. The short horizontal air-inlet design can help the cool air and water do heat exchange to the utmost extent. In addition, the padding can bear the water up to 68℃, and has the advantages of good flame-retardant performance, ageing resistance, deformation resistance and low wind resistance coefficient, etc.

6. Warranties
When purchasing our SMF closed circuit cooling tower, please refer to applicable and effective warranties as well as the restrictions.

Wanxiang is a specialized closed circuit cooling tower manufacturer based in China. Our company offers a wide range of products, including a closed circuit cooling tower, thermosiphon dry-mode evaporator, evaporative condenser, and more.

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